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If you are a  mango lover then you couldn't miss this.  Maraya Hotel & Resort Chiang Mai will held a Mango Festival for the whole month of August at The Pagoda Bistro & Bar.

First recommended mago menu is Rainbow Trout salad with mango balsamic dressing.  The Chef bring Rainbow Trout raised from the Royal Project Doi Intanon to slice in piece and mixed with herbs then pan fried in olive oil.  The fish is serve with fresh green salad and mango balsamic dressing which mixed fresh ripe mango with balsamic vinegrette.  Sweetness of ripe mango contrast with sourness of balsamic vinegrette came out very good.

Now let's try dessert menu start with the well known and all-time popular dessert menu, mango sticky rice.  But at The Pagoda the serve mango sticky rice with home made mango ice cream and it becomes 'Mango Duo'.  The delicious is double !

Next one is simple delicious mango menu which is my favorite; Mango Bomb.  It's mango smoothie with fresh ripe mango and vanilla ice cream.  Very freshening.

Mango Parfait, sweet sticky rice with fresh ripe mango and vanilla ice cream top up with sweeten coconut milk or hot chocolate.

Last but not least, and the most exciting menu, is fried banana ice cream with rum sauce.  The Chef pan fried fresh banana on crepe pan, place it besides vanilla ice cream then top up with rum sauce then lit a fire.  The banana is on fire!  It's exciting, smell good, and delicious.

The Pagao Bistro & Bar is an authentic northern Thai fusion cuisine located on the river bank opposite the ancient pagoda of Wieng Kum Kam.  The view is spectacular, and the food is excellent.

Special for the month of August, all mango menus will be 15% off during Mango Festival from 1-31 August 2017 at The Pagoda Bistro & Bar, Maraya Hotel & Resort Chiang Mai.

by : fotofancy